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Company Profile

Aluminium Company of Malaysia Berhad (ALCOM) has made its mark as one of the leading aluminium manufacturers in the region.  ALCOM is Malaysia’s largest manufacturer of aluminium products with an output capacity of about 30,000 tonnes per annum, with a sizeable market share in the Asian region.

Employing the latest technology, ALCOM is a leading manufacturer of aluminium sheet and foil products in this region.  Combining its stringent quality practices, reliability and innovation, ALCOM has successfully penetrated into highly competitive export markets.  Almost half of Alcom’s annual production is exported to markets such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East, Korea, Australia, Europe and South East Asia.

ALCOM is listed in the Bursa Kuala Lumpur (KLSC).  It achieved a group sales turnover of RM497 million for FP ended 31/3/08.  ALCOM was incorporated in 1960 as Alcan Malayan Aluminium Company Ltd, and took on its present name in 1975.  The ALCOM Group currently consists of Aluminium Company of Malaysia Bhd and ALCOM Nikkei Specialty Coatings Sdn Bhd (ANSC).

ALCOM notched a first in 1991 when it commenced the production of precoated fin stock through ANSC, supported by NLM technology.  ANSC has the distinction of being the first such plant in the world outside Japan.

In 2008, ALCOM won the Prime Minister's Award for Industry Excellence, which is the highest recognition given by the Government of Malaysia for overall organisational and business excellence.


ALCOM is a member of Novelis Inc., a global leader in the aluminium rolled products industry with revenues of USD11 billion for FY2008.  Novelis Inc. is an independent company spun off from Alcan’s former rolled product business.  Novelis is a member of the Aditya Birla Group.

The vision of Novelis is to shape the products of the future through a powerful combination of customer-focused culture, unrivaled manufacturing capabilities and technological depths.

With technical and R&D support of Novelis Inc. and NLM, ALCOM is recognized for its quality, reliability and product innovation, an image it has maintained through dedication of its employees and consistency in product standard.






Aluminium Company of Malaysia Berhad


Aluminium Sheet Products
 Tread Plates, Flat Sheet, Coiled Sheet, Painted   Coils, Cladding Sheet

Aluminium Building Sheet Products
PAYUNG – Corrugated Sheet '7P' , 'Alrib', 'Comspan', Stucco-Embossed and Painted Finish

Aluminium Foil Products
Finstock, Cable Foil, Diaphragm Foil and Plain Foil



 ALCOM Nikkei Speciality Coating Sdn Bhd


Coated Finstock with excellent hydrophilicity to enhance heat exchange properties and superior corrosion resistance. Draw and drawless Coated Finstock
available to suit all types of fin presses and fin design.  

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